Quote: “a part of me is gone forever a part of you will live forever inside of me quote” >

Published May 18, 2020

a part of me is gone forever a part of you will live forever inside of me quote


We’ve been looking for a source for this quote, but unfortunately, as SEO sometimes would allow, Pinterest dominates the searches for this quote. The top 8 results are all the photo/image pinning site with little to no citation for this quotation that describes some of the thoughts of our users.

Vivek Gangwani” the source behind this quote?

In one of the images, a “Vivek Gangwani” was cited as the source. However, when looking up this individual’s name, we don’t find an author, a philosopher or any of the typical candidates that are usually cited as the person who originally created the quote. A “Tesla Advisor” and a “Marketing Director” show up along with many Facebook profiles. So, was this simply just a quote made up by one of us? Is this pointing to a new trend that simply can happen given the democracy of the Internet?

Quotes by “every day people”

Why not?

Why do you have to be someone famous to be the original person who places words together in the most beautiful way? Why is it that we only cite “professionals” or someone with a long or “amazing resume”? Who says that impressive rhetoric in short form requires a reputation we accept in order for it to be truly accepted?

Our founder, before being found, had many impressive things to say. One of the reasons why many joined the team is his ability to persuade us with his passion. In that “passion,” the rhetoric he used could sometimes be argued as “quotable.” A couple of examples include:

We should never take for granted that we can do simple things like walk, talk or even have a roof over our head.” ~Brandon Na, 2010

Every experience is invaluable. No matter how painful or enjoyable they are: each step, each word, each person leads you to that most perfect moment.” ~Brandon Na, 2017

Brewing something more exciting than life itself. “~Brandon Na, 2019