How The Platform Works. >

A simple, secure online platform to deliver messages to loves ones when you pass. Get started for free by signing up for an account.

Craft Meaningful Messages.
Postmarked for Future Delivery. >

Since many people have many reservations in saying something as simple as “goodbye,” having WiL’s letters affords users the ability to spend time to craft a meaningful message with rich details about shared memories. We hope to support members in creating messages that convey deep love and gratitude.

Choose Recipients.

Select up to 3 recipients that will receive your messages. Enter their email address and backup contact information so we can reach out in case their info changes.

Write Messages.

As simple as writing a letter. Your messages are created directly on the platform. You can edit your messages or add new ones easily at any time. 

Assign Trustees.

When you pass, your designated trustees will notify When I Leave and provide legal documentation. This will trigger your final messages to be sent out to loved ones.