How It Works

We’re here for you. is a permanent safe space to keep our lives’ most precious moments. can provide peace of mind for those who are older, feeling anxious about what comes after. It can bring mindfulness to those who are younger, cherishing their time. It’s for “I love you” and “I forgive you.” For “I was wrong.” For “I’m here with you.” In short, it’s for each and every one of us.

Step 1

Create Your Message

There are so many ways to find closure in your life by crafting your forever messages. Will you tell your ex-best friend how much you’ve always missed him? Or walk your granddaughter through her first heartbreak with a story about yours?

Take as much time as you need. As you live and learn, you can come back anytime to edit your messages.

Step 2

Choose Your Recipient

Who has made an impact on your life? Write to your family or friends, the one who got away, the teacher who inspired you to pursue your degree.

All you need to do is enter the current and backup contact information of your recipient. You can change recipients whenever you please.

Step 3

Assign Your Trustees

Pick people you can count on to be your trustees.

Your trustees will notify us when you pass. Once we hear from all of them, we’ll deliver your messages according to your wishes.

Upcoming Features

Please support our Indiegogo campaign—we need your help to build these features right. Everything we do is only possible because of our backers. We are truly, deeply, and always grateful for your support.

Photo Memories

Decorate your words with special photos from over the years.


Simply speak into a recording device, and your words will automatically be translated to text in our platform.

Audio Recording

Upload an audio file, like a lullaby, poem, or story in your own voice.

Video Recording

Upload a video file for an extra personal touch.

Location-Based Messaging

Select a specific date and time, like a holiday or birthday, and we’ll deliver your Event Message at precisely the right moment.

Event-Based Messaging

Pick any place. When your loved one visits that place, they’ll unlock the Location Message you’ve left for them.

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