Who We Are


Our Inspiration

“If something happens to me,
will I get to say I love you one last time?”

In June of 2001, our founder Brandon Na became the father of twin boys. The moment he first held them in his arms, he felt a depth of emotion unlike any other. A few months later, 9/11 struck. Brandon could not stop thinking of the people who were taken so suddenly, without a chance to say goodbye—not only to their children, but to their parents, friends, coworkers, and role models. As his sons learned to walk, then to talk, he wondered, “If something happens to me, will I get to say I love you to my boys one last time?”

And so WheniLeave.com was born. For two decades, Brandon waited for the right time to bring his idea into the world. He started working on the prototype early in 2020, and when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, he knew he couldn’t hold back any longer. Too many people could have benefited from the support of a service like WiL. He gathered the “good peoples” in his life and, in November 2020, officially launched WheniLeave.com.

Our People

To bring you WheniLeave.com, Brandon has handpicked the most passionate, inspired people he knows. Our team includes the designers behind Chipotle and Comcast, as well as the technical talent of startups like Dollar Flight Club & Y Combinator seed-funded companies. Our strategic advisors have backgrounds in and/or currently serve on executive teams and boards in industries ranging from broadcasting to photography, consulting to top national retail brands and international non-profits.

Our Year

This year, the need for WheniLeave.com feels stronger than ever. We’ve taken the challenges of 2020 as direct calls to churn harder, be busier, and cultivate more motivation in our work. At any given time, you’ll find members of our team meeting late into the night on Zoom, managing schedules from London to Seoul; investing our usual commute time in product development, sharing work on Google Drive.

Our Family

Brandon Na

CEO & Co-Founder

Shane Griffiths

CTO & Co-Founder

Kevin Murray

Research Analyst

Jian Bacallan

Project Manager

Chewon Lee

Strategic Advisor

Crystal Mangahas

Strategic Advisor

Derek Wong

Strategic Advisor

Heather Kendall

Strategic Advisor

Our Name

The “i” in WheniLeave.com is lowercase in order to shift the emphasis from the “i” in the world to the “we.”

WiL in the news

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