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Whenileave.com helps you leave your last words to those who have had a meaningful impact in your life.

The platform is designed to leave your last wishes, hopes and words for the rest of society for closure, for legacy building and for a better society.

End of Life Messaging Platform.
Beta Available Q4 2020. >

Currently in development by the engineering team behind startups Dollar Flight Club and Preflight Mitigator. Our founding Technical Advisor is the engineering architect behind successful & Silicon Valley supported startup AdmitSee

Our team and advisors are also made up of former key team members of Amazon, Uber & Expedia.

The beta version of the platform is set to release in Q4 2020.  Please click here to sign up and be notified on release. The first 25 beta users who sign up will be eligible for a free lifetime premium membership (worth up to $500+ USD).

Our Story. >

Our founder in June of 2001 had twin boys. Soon after they were born, he started to realize what true responsibility was as a parent. One of the biggest responsibilities he thought about was a feature or service that failed to exist. Shortly thereafter, he witnessed the most tragic terrorist event in American history: 9/11. On that day, he told himself he would build a solution to help all those people who perished in terms of their last ‘I Love Yous’.

After working at Amazon, Expedia and a company that eventually became Google, Brandon started to believe he “might” be able to the build the platform, but felt there was still the need to wait. Despite seeing many competitors come and go trying to do versions of WiL, he remained patient.

Right before Covid-19 started in the United States in early 2020, Brandon commenced his magnum opus. And later that year, he launched the product to help the many victims of the greatest pandemic in American history and everyone else who needed to leave their last words or wishes.