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Frequently Asked Questions

How does pricing work?

With Free, you can send up to 12 written messages to 1-3 recipients. With Premium, you unlock video messaging, audio messaging, and photo attachments—and you can send unlimited messages to unlimited recipients—for $8/month or $88 a year. Lifetime is the same as Premium, but you only have to pay once, ever. For more information on the future packages, please email  Premium plans expected to launch in early 2021. 

I’m still young and healthy. Why would I write a message if things are constantly changing in my life, including my relationships?

Consider this a journaling service. You can edit and create new messages at any time throughout your life. Just because you write a message doesn’t mean it’s the one that will be delivered. The same goes for recipients: you can always write new letters to new people.

How will (aka WiL) know about my passing?

When you set up your account, you’ll assign at least three trustworthy people to be your “trustees”. After your passing, once all your trustees notify us, we’ll deliver your messages according to your wishes.

Can I go back and update my messages?

Most definitely. As we learn and grow, our relationships learn and grow with us, and people come in and out of our lives. You’ll have full access to your account and settings whenever your account is active.

How can I trust that the platform will last long enough to deliver my final messages?

The team behind waited 20 years to start the project. Now, the technology available to us allows our platform to exist forever. Additionally, a group of passionate volunteers have vowed to maintain the platform, as we look into ways to insure your messages like the FDIC insures your money.

Additionally, we will make sure your data and any media or messages uploaded to WiL are available for you to use and deliver at any time as you wish. Even though all businesses are subject to the prevailing conditions of markets and simply life, we will always make sure we help you deliver your last wishes and thoughts. It’s our mission!

What is “WiL”?

WiL stands for When i Leave and has become a handy acronym we’ve used on the team. It has also become quite popular with all our supporters. It’s close to the same “will” as in “will and testaments” as well. So, we find it to be a nice shortened version of what we already know.

What if the recipients move? What if their email addresses change?

Our team is focusing on the best contacts management system that should overcome this. Additionally, we’ll make other products available to make sure we take advantage of all the resources that exist to make sure your messages are delivered. Our founder has regularly said that if it’s necessary, he’ll even visit the homes or businesses of the recipients of the service. His goal has always been to help another person he hasn’t helped already. If it’s even one more person, we “WiL” be happy in helping at least one more beyond what was available up through now.

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