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Below are answers to the most common questions we receive. If your question isn’t listed here, please reach out to us and we will do our best to answer it. 

What does the service cost?

The standard service is completely free. The complimentary product provides each user up to 3 messages that may be delivered to as many as 3 designated individuals. Three “trustees” will activate the delivery with multiple contingency plans with the standard complimentary service. We plan to also offer premium service levels for those who truly want to have as many messages and services needed to leave our world in the most complete way.

How will When i Leave know about my passing?

The WiL system requires you to choose at least 3 “trustees” who enter the information about your passing into the platform. Upon the combined activation, the customer’s wishes are sent according to their directives. Future premium services will include delivery to occur on specific dates like a child’s graduation or maybe a cousin’s birthday as examples. Some may even choose to have messages delivered consecutively to the same individual (in the low cost premium plans). This service is called “Pyeonji”. More details of all the exciting added products and services will soon become available. Email us at hello @ for details or sign up with the form above.

Can I update my messages as situations change over time?

Most definitely. You have full access to your account and the settings after signing up. There will be no limits to the adjustments you make to your settings with the standard complimentary plan.

How can I trust that the platform lasts indefinitely and will deliver my final messages?

The founders and supporting team behind WiL waited 20 years before starting the project. The utility available to them today will enable the service to be available forever. Moreover, a group of volunteers have also vowed to keep the main service available forever. Similar to how Wikipedia has been alive since January 15, 2001, WiL plans on being available for eternity. Efforts are being made to provide insurance like how FDIC provides everyone protection up to $100K USD. The WiL team is aiming to obtain the proper backing to make sure at least these 3 messages to your loved ones are delivered no matter what financial future WiL experiences.

Additionally, if for some reason humanity or our capitalistic society fails to support WiL, we will create steps to help you deliver these messages in one way or another. In essence, the spirit of WiL will never die.

How do you benefit from signing up?

We are exploring an area that has not ever been explored completely: HOW PEOPLE LIKE TO LEAVE THEIR LAST WISHES (OR LEGACIES) FOR THEIR FAMILIES & FRIENDS, FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS AND THE WORLD. A concept of an “Ethical Will” somewhat describes our initiative, but overall, our products and services will be the most comprehensive set of products that WiL help you leave this world completely satisfied; it will not be simply about “leaving your messages” (but it can be). We have both qualitative and quantitative data thus far from hundreds of surveys and advertising campaigns which show there is both a strong need for our services, but that is also compelling for many to have. Many of the data points seem obvious, but we are hoping to build on this information and continue to extrapolate further insights to be the “perfect solution” to the “good peoples” we are hoping to support moving forward.